2FA with OnlyKey not working

I added an OnlyKey as another FIDO2 device and it was added without issue in the vault. However when I try to use the OnlyKey to authenticate in either the web vault, or in the windows desktop app it shows an error message. Using my Yubikey (also as a FIDO2) authenticates without issue. Is there something I need to do to allow the OnlyKey to work, or is this a Bitwarden bug?

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Are you using this key on the same device and client that your registered it and still doesn’t work? eg Registered with web client, logged out, and tried to log back in?

Yes in my case exactly that, registered with the web client, logged out, then tried to log back in to “test” it and got the error message. Tried the desktop with the same error message. Then tried my yubikey and that worked.