2FA via SMS for Teams/Enterprise without Duo?

I’m a diehard Premium personal user, and also run a small IT consulting company

I am looking into building a small security upgrade package for another small trades company I support.

My current solutions has a handful (5-7) users (owners, managers, plus myself and another IT consultant) who would each have a seat so we can all access shared passwords for the technicians.

It’s already going to be a bit of a tough sell due to their overall resistance to “complicated techy stuff”, but I figure that mobile apps with biometric access will make it somewhat or an easier process of convincing them.

I’m looking at adding 2FA for their BW accounts as well so there’s extra security… Since they would be storing their email passwords in BW to begin with, email authentication is out, which only leaves me with another authenticator. I’d prefer to use SMS, as it would be the easiest path forward for them, but it seems like that requires doubling their monthly spend to purchase Duo seats for the users.

Is there a better solution here? Is there a reason why Bitwarden doesn’t offer SMS authentication internally? Would that be too costly?


Hi @th3ass3t check out this post for a quick overview.

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For security purposes, you can run the P2P application, you can find a good range of presented P2P applications to guarantee good security for your accounts, and at the same time, all processes will be pretty simple. In order to convince your team, you don’t need to run the biometric authentification since the whole process would be really difficult. The whole idea will be to protect your data(passwords/important messages) in a safe place so you will be safe from any fishing internet or phone scam that scammers usually use to get the information by using generate temp phone number services.