2FA TOTP not possible in Browser-Plugin

I added a TOTP-code to a login in my Desktop-App. The code itself is synchronised over my devices and can be displayed on iOS, Dekstop-App and Browser-Plugins.

When I show the entry on iOS, it shows the 6 character TOTP-code in the app.
When I log in with the browser-plugin, the password autofill works, but the TOTP-code can not be generated with the plugin. But I can show the encrypted code in the browser plugin, but not the 6 character code.

Problem can be reproduced with

  • Linux: Firefox, Chromium
  • MacOS: Firefox, Safari.

Latest plugin used (1.58.0), but same problem was already with 1.57.0

How can I fix this. Or is there anything I am doing wrong?

Hi @HonkXL and welcome to the community!

The generation of TOTP codes is a premium feature. From what I’m reading you have purchased premium but the browser extension does not show that state yet.

Could you please try logging out of the browser extension and then log-in again. It then should sync and show that you have premium. This should enable TOTP generation.

Quick tip: When using Autofill, the TOTP is copied into the clipboard, so a quick CMD/Ctrl+V and you are logged in.

Kind regards


Hi Daniel,
hey, great! Thanks for your answer. You are right - it works after logging out and in again in the plugin.


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Ahh thought I was going crazy! Possibly a change request here to remind users to logout of the extension after purchasing Bitwarden. My home PC is pretty secure been in a locked building with Bitlocker encryption. Therefore, I’ve disabled vault timeout. So I wasn’t been asked to login.