2FA/MFA two/multi factor for site passwords

I understand BitWarden supports 2FA for BitWarden itself but does it support 2FA for the site passwords? Kind of like 1Password? When I add a site to BitWarden can I add the site’s 2FA/MFA details so BitWarden will tell me the 6 digit code?

Yes it does. You can add in the 2FA code in the TOTP field for a site and it will generate the 6 digit password.
For sites with 2FA, I’ll use the Ctrl-Shift-L to populate my login credentials and when the 2FA prompt comes up, you can hit Ctrl-V (Bitwarden copies the 2FA code to your clipboard).

Awesome. Thank you!

This feature does require a paid premium / enterprise membership, just FYI in case you find it missing from your interface.

Yah. I ended up buying a license. Haven’t migrated over from LastPass yet. Will do that this weekend.


Of course, putting your 2FA keys into your password manager sacrifices a significant security protection in return for convenience. It isn’t really two-factor any more, just two-step.

It’s ironic that one of the “advantages” of a premium account is the ability to weaken your security.

That is true. I need to digest the implications of that for a bit. I feel like maybe these days with everything on your cell phone, even your 2FA app, if someone can get into your phone then you’re SOL anyway.