2FA in use with out a TOTP, fails 2FA checks still

I’d love to have a checkbox to say 2FA is enabled on a login – this could be tied to how 2FA is automatically known to be in use when a TOTP code is entered, however many sites still do not support software tokens like this, and rely on email or SMS authentication instead, and those sites will show as still needing to enable 2FA under the 2FA report for premium users.

Because of this I see a few sites there all the time that I know have 2FA enabled, but only support SMS 2FA.

A workaround would be a checkbox when editing the login info to tell it that you have manually enabled 2FA another way instead of copy/pasting a TOTP code in.

I did try to do this by just putting “SMS” or “Enabled” in the TOTP code but then it still tries to generate a real TOTP out of that and just becomes more confusing.

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Thanks - I went ahead and added my 2¢ in there as well!