2FA expiration countdown in web extension

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2FA expiration countdown in web extension

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Being able to see the expiration countdown would be helpful since sometimes 2FA codes only work if they were generated after the login.

I always click the “Copy verification code” button and paste the generated code into a random textbox until I see a new code. I wouldn’t have to do this if the countdown was visible even in the extension window.

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Hi @Alex-451 - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

Thanks for making a suggestion - a couple of things though.

First, the countdown time is available in the extension. See here:

Second, you should never have to wait for a code to be valid. It sounds to me like the time on your device is running a bit fast, throwing off the code generation. If you fix that, your codes should always work. Cheers!

Third, why do you not simply use Ctrl+L to enter the credentials and then Ctrl+V to paste the TOTP ?

Hey @dh024, thanks for letting me know I will look into my time settings .:+1:.
Can I somehow close this feature request or do I simply delete the post?

Great - hope that works well for you. I will close this request for you, but if you need to re-open it, just shoot me a DM. Cheers!

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Hey all, just wanted to add that we are adding a TOTP screen which should also resolve this inquiry.

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