2022 Open Source Security Summit (collecting feedback)

Let us know what open source security companies you would like to hear from at the 2022 Open Source Security Summit this December.

For a recap, check out https://bitwarden.com/blog/open-source-security-summit-2021-recap/

Please note, we can’t guarantee attendees, but we will do our best!


Maybe the Solokeys guys? Could be cool to understand what they are up to. Maybe they are creating a biometric key?

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Hah, you read my mind! I just sent them a message a few minutes ago.

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Hehehe. Great minds think alike? :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean even tho they are not strictly open source, the Yubico guys do great stuff…maybe worth asking?

Was also thinking about the Adguard guys, they release Adguard Home (DNS filtering system similar to PiHole) which is an open source product and it is great for Privacy/Security

Would love to see more Discourse reactions beside the standard :heart:. Fedora’s forum has a Smokey, thumbup, question mark etc etc

Great points! Actually there is a discourse plugin for extra emojis that I was looking at: Reactions | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

There is also NextDNS, which I think clients are open source and backend closed.

I like NextDNS too! Works quite well and it is not too expensive. Good for people that do not want to self host.

On the VPN side, another good company to invite could be Mullvad.

P.S.: how could I forget… Tailscale would be absolutely brilliant to invite… I think their service is insanely good. Please do invite them!

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Mullvad is a good one! Personally looking to switch over to them when my current VPN expires.

See above PS… try Tailscale! Great to interconnect devices :heart_eyes:

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Proton and Standard Notes, please!


Both great suggestions :ok_hand: