2021-01-19 Bitwarden Release/Maintenance Window

Release + Maintenance Window 2021-01-20T01:00:00Z ā†’ 2021-01-20T04:59:59Z

Bitwarden will be performing server maintenance and releasing updates at the above time.

For information on the release, please visit our Release Notes page.

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Oh this has been the main feature I needed for family and friends to be able to adopt Bitwarden. Thank you dev team! What a great start to 2021.


Which feature have you been waiting on?

Iā€™m excited about biometric unlock for browser extensions! As excited as you can be about such a feature, that is =)

Yeah biometric unlock rocks but for some of my older members of my family who rely on my to manage and fix their tech problems, Emergency Access is an essential requirement both because they have had issues with Master Passwords and future proving in case of an unfortunate event.