2 domains, 2 servers, 1 IP... & Bitwarden Docker

Hello friends and tech lovers. I’m Paul and have been blown away w/ Bitwarden! I’ve been enjoying it on a custom domain for months and it just… does what Bitwarden does.

I now am wanting to host another website on a different Proxmox VM. What I did, then; I have both domains pointed to my ONLY public IP address. I removed the Bitwarden port forward and pointed the forward to the domain2 machine… the reason I did this was IT runs apache2, and I know a little bit about vhosts on apache2. At any rate, I’ve tried creating a second vhost file that I thought would magically route all domain1.com traffic to the local IP of my Bitwarden machine, and all would be well… heres the vhost file I created, enabled got Lets Encypt certs for:

<VirtualHost *:80>

    ServerName bitwarden.domain1.com

    ProxyPass / nocanon
    ProxyPassReverse /

    ServerAdmin [email protected]


Of course, that didn’t work… I’m aware, or at least thinking, that the Bitwarden docker container has https so maybe thats an issue?

At any rate, does anyone have suggestions how I can get BOTH these sites working - 2 domains, 2 different VMs, 1 public IP. I’m thinking that maybe I could use Bitwardens nginx to route domain2.com to its machine? But then, I’ll still have https issues?? They both [currently] run on different www software; apache2 and nginx…

Hoping some of ya’ll have knowledge about how I should get this going. THANK YOU, I hate posting w/o introductions and all - just need help.