1Password import error

As 1Password has not turned into a awful subscription I want to move to bitwarden.

When I import my 1Password pif I see this error
I very much doubt I have an item with 10,000 characters!
I looked at lie 1139 in BBEdit and its not long at all.


There are already numerous reports for this, please do some search before posting :wink:

I started removing lines using BBedit, 2 lines turned int removing 10, then another 10. Now I’ve given up.

BitWarden looks a good product but I’m not prepared to use until the import is better than this.

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2.5 years later, same problem. Not only that but the entire import failed without importing anything because 3 entries had passwords >10000. Guess what, my 1Password main vault has ~1050 entries,… am I supposed to guess which ones are causing it to break?

My pif file is 1.3MB in size and I have no plans to start processing JSON myself.

So my attempt to try to switch to BitWarden was killed quickly and without any hopes of seeing any solution ever.


I also was in the process of switching from 1Password but have halted. I am interested in Bitwarden and watch it closely but the transfer of data from 1Password is not robust enough at present. I’m hoping the developer decides it’s worth doing properly.

@ssbarnea & @mpuk
May be this could help importing your data? :confused: