1Password export file seems to have the wrong format

Hi there,

I am trying to import my exported 1password items from 1password 6. But no matter if I am using .csv or .pif - I always get the same pop up, saying my data is not formatted correctly.

But when exporting I can’t really decide how to format it, only with the csv how many columns I want to take with me. And even if I only export one single 1password item or choose not to take all columns, I am getting the same result.

Please help!

Enter some dummy data into Bitwarden, then export it. Next compare the export from 1Password with the one from Bitwarden. If necessary make some adjustments to the file from 1Password.
Please note that running multiple imports will add multiple duplicates.


Better yet, Bitwarden provides example .csv and .json files as a template if needing to manually import data.