Feature Requests

Show events related to a specific secret (1)
Impersonate users / Show collections and secrets user has access to (1)
Keep window open or auto save when adding a new item in browser plugins (1)
Choose the word list for passphrases (3)
"Easy to read" option in password generator (2)
Allow invitation to self hosted instance without organization (1)
Add PIN to Card (6)
New iOS app missing alphabetical scrolling bar (1)
Use native language names instead of ISO codes in UI (1)
Consistent behaviour on clicking a listed item in vault (8)
Browser extension remembers where I was (13)
Search extended [solved] (3)
Search result items should include folder (path) (4)
Bitwarden missing key features! (2)
DOC ISSUE - https://help.bitwarden.com/article/backup-on-premise/ (1)
Auto-fill specified characters of passwords (12)
Make credit cards available for iOS extension autofill (5)
Option to Remove Number of Matching Logins Badge ( 2 ) (23)
Hide the login email (1)
Autofill after search (8)
Start mobile app on search box (6)
Allow organization management in the CLI (2)
Force 2FA for organizations ( 2 3 ) (46)
TOTP for amazon.com (5)
Soft delete items to "trash" ( 2 ) (31)
Button to automatically add the https:// prefix on all applicable entries in the unsecured websites report section (3)
Support for libsecret's dbus API (20)
Removed, sorry! (1)
2FA behavior on Android application is misleading (2)
Add hotkey support to Chromium-based Edge (when available) (2)