Feature Requests

Have Bitwarden running in background | macOS (1)
Vivaldi Android URL Possible bug? (4)
Double folder bug (1)
Counting of selected items (1)
Touch ID support for macOS ( 2 3 4 ) (70)
Open website in current tab if tab is blank/empty (2)
In-field fill and/or save a login (4)
New Raport section - "Old & unchanged" passwords (5)
When setting up PIN unlock in Chrome Extension, use password mask (1)
Add option to allow only one instance of the application (2)
Some Feature Requests (1)
Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data (11)
Search: Combine search terms rathen than add them up (4)
Logout after multiple PIN attempts during autofill (2)
Detect changed biometrics/fingerprint and re-prompt for master password (5)
Add an option to set a default password length (1)
Login specific password generator options (length, special chars) (2)
New iOS app missing alphabetical scrolling bar (2)
Browsers extensions that work with desktop's apps (9)
Use native language names instead of ISO codes in UI (3)
Ability for owner/admin to reset user's master password (for accounts managed by an organization) (6)
(2/3) Detect phone numbers and email addresses: (2)
Logout From Other Sessions (4)
Tagging items in vault (18)
Enterprise - the distinction between personal and organisation items is confusing (3)
Support Microsoft TOTP for office 365 (business) (4)
Support for libsecret's dbus API ( 2 ) (23)
2FA when 'unlocking' ( 2 3 4 ) (60)
Rapid Search Bar (Vertical Alphabet) (1)
Auto submit PIN code by length (1)