Feature Requests

Propt to Generate Secure Password when signing up for new account (2)
Weak password report exemptions (2)
Manager should be able to see group Members (1)
Easily Enhance passphrase generation and increase complexity (2)
Ability to create profiles that have limited access to selected accounts/passwords (4)
View attachments without download (8)
Please document missing exports and imports (4)
In-domain search and auto-fill from search (4)
Reduce the number of clicks required to add a login to a folder (2)
Data Breach Report (1)
Explain to the user the difference between logging out and locking the vault (1)
Publish roadmap (13)
Credit card type logos as icons (2)
Overlay popup interface (20)
Force 2FA for organizations ( 2 3 ) (40)
Administer collections, users, groups in CLI (1)
Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps ( 2 ) (24)
Add "target window" to Windows application to allow "auto type" (4)
Touch ID support for macOS ( 2 ) (29)
Add field for U2F authentication tokens for each saved site (2)
Detect caps lock when typing master password and notify user in the UI (1)
Log in with multiple Bitwarden user accounts (18)
2FA when 'unlocking' ( 2 ) (27)
Add "Hide Passwords" option to collection permissions (9)
Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data (11)
Profile picture support (4)
Mobile App Search should act like the Web App (1)
Entries that are shared show UI Element in Vault list (1)
UI Element added for folder assignments (much like tags) (1)
Add wordpress.org, bbpress.org, buddypress.org to global domains (2)